The  CJ-6A Nanchang Fighter Trainer was made by the Nanchang Aircraft Company in Nanchang China.

In the late 1940s China made moves to replace the YAK18s then in service. The final result was the CJ-6A, a totally indigenous design.

CJ-6As were used by the Air Forces of China, India, North Korea and Sri Lanka as a basic to an advanced military trainer. The pilots of these Air Forces learnt to fly in the CJ-6A and also learnt basic military tactics and instrument flight in the aircraft.


These aircraft are now a popular warbird used privately around the world. A large number of these aircraft are in use in the USA and that country is a major source of spare parts. The aircraft is a solid build and engineered/rated to 6G.


The aircraft is propelled by a 9 cylinder, supercharged radial engine, delivering 285Hp through a variable pitch propeller. Typical cruise speeds are in the order of 130 knots (230kph), and the aircraft will fly at 160 knots (290kph) straight and level at full power.