Safety at Adelaide Warbirds is a Priority, all Passengers and accompanying guests must follow directions from Adelaide Warbirds personnel at all times when at the Adelaide Warbirds venue.

Passengers MUST wear fully enclosed foot wear, this is an important safety requirement and a flight cannot proceed without it!

Cameras or any other loose objects are not permitted in the cockpit as they have potential to cause severe damage and potentially fatal injuries.  If a passenger does carry an object that becomes loose, on safety ground the flight will have to be terminated immediately and remaining flight time lost.


Medical conditions do not necessarily preclude people from partaking in a Warbirds adventure however it is recommended that if you do have any concerns about medical conditions that you contact us for more information. We cannot provide you medical advice, but can advise you of the physical demands of the flight.

If you are suffering from a sinus ailment, like a cold, it is recommended you do not fly as it can be extremely dangerous, please contact us immediately.


The maximum passenger height must not exceed 198cm or 6’6″ and the maximum passenger weight is 120kgs for all adventure flights. Please contact our staff for further information regarding such restrictions. The Pilot In Command has the right to refuse any passenger that may not meet the operational requirements on the grounds of safety.


The minimum passenger age is 14 years old. Passengers 17 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during the pre-flight briefing. Please contact our staff for further information regarding such conditions. The Pilot In Command has the right to refuse any passenger that may not meet the operational requirements as a passenger on the grounds of safety.


Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase, after which additional charges may be applicable for voucher redemption.

Any extensions granted must be done so by Adelaide Warbirds staff, and must be done so in writing to be valid.  Extension will only be granted in compelling and exceptional circumstances.

To re-active an expired voucher a fee to cover administration of $35 must be paid, plus any difference between the original value of the voucher and the current value full retail price of the voucher due to increased cost.


Adelaide Warbirds takes a fair and reasonable approach towards refunds.

We will honour a one week ‘cooling off’ period from the date of purchase of the flight or gift voucher.

Any refund applied for after the 1 week cooling off period may be approved; however it will be subject to a $150 administration fee to cover the time of Adelaide Warbirds staff and resource.

Refunds for purchases via third party websites, booking agents, travel agents or from coupon or voucher deals, must refer to the terms and conditions upon the purchase conditions with such companies from where the product was purchased.


If there are any safety issues, environmental or otherwise that arise on the day of your flight we may have to rebook you flight at short notice. These issues include but are not limited to:

* The Weather being unsuitable,

* The aircraft being unserviceable.

* The pilot considers that the passenger is for any reason not fit to fly (due to illness etc).

* The Passenger does not wear enclosed footwear

If we do have to reschedule you flight, we will only normally do so in accordance with our flying schedule, this may mean there is a delay before we are able to fly you again.**

Please be advised that Safety is our Priority and we will always bear that in mind when assessing whether it is safe to proceed with a flight.


Cancelations made within 7 days of departure may result in a voucher being forfeit, please see our FAQ’s and contact us prior to cancelling.  If you cancel without approval your voucher will be forfeit!

Adelaide Warbirds will cancel vouchers without refund at our discretion if for any reason a scheduled flight does not go ahead because of:

* The Passenger fails to arrive on time at Adelaide Warbirds without prior approval.

* The Passenger arrives in an unfit or unlawful state to board an aircraft, this includes under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

* The Passenger or any accompanying guests behave in a manner that the pilot or Adelaide Warbirds staff believes may jeopardise the safe conduct of our operations.


In the event that there are problems with our camera equipment our DVD and any media products will not be available.

If you have already purchased a DVD then we will refund cost of the DVD we accept no other liability.


The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) states that because this is a Warbird and operated in the LIMITED category, passengers must understand that:

(a) The design, manufacture, and airworthiness of the aircraft are not required to meet any standard recognised by CASA;

(b) CASA does not require the aircraft to be operated to the same degree of safety as an aircraft on a commercial passenger flight; and

(c) The passenger flies in the aircraft at his or her own risk.

The purpose of the above waiver is to inform the passenger / participant that CASA is not actively involved in the administration of warbird operations, this role is delegated to the Australian Warbirds Association (AWAL).

To put this in context however, warbirds are still certified aircraft and maintained by certified maintainers in accordance with approved maintenance procedures. Warbird operations are audited by the Australian Warbirds Association (AWAL).